Monday, May 10, 2010

California Boys and BIG news

I'm having a really hard time getting pics loaded. If someone wants to come watch my little monsters for an hour or so some weekend while I sneak downstairs and work on the computer I can get it done!!

We had a blast in CA. The kids were SO well behaved and traveled well. Definitely loved the non stop flight to LA. We didn't get to my Dad's til close to midnight pacific time, and the boys slept on and off on the flight and in the car.

Tuesday we went to the beach and it was COLD! It was super sunny and toasty where my Dad lives but always colder at the beach. Somehow the boys didn't mind the cold and loved playing in the water, sand, and running along the beach. Tuesday night my cousin Heston, who is in LA working for Adam Sandler's production company, came over for dinner so it was great to see him!

Wednesday we went to the BEST.OUTLET MALL.EVER. Next time we are dedicating an entire day to this place. It was amazing and we probably didn't get into half the stores we wanted. ALSO we are so excited to announce that on Wednesday my brother and sister in law welcomed their first baby Eisley Christine! We have not had a chance to meet her yet, but are looking forward to it. We did pick up something special for her at the outlet mall. After the mall we headed to Santa Monica pier, but it closed a half hour after we arrived for a private function. It was once again a chilly day at the beach, so we weren't too worried.

Thursday we headed back to the pier so Gavin could ride the rides on the boardwalk since our trip was cut short the day before. Third time at the beach was a total charm. It was a fantastically perfect day. Sam and I spent some time on the beach while Gavin and Chad rode the rides. Sam discovered his taste for sand and ingested a fair amount (ugh!).

The boys had a blast with their grandpa and loved California. The trip back was also nice and smooth and uneventful. We could not have had a better experience, and three and half days was just the perfect amount of time. We were back at our house by about 9 Friday night.

Soccer and baseball games are under way! I created a calendar to keep it all straight. Email me for access to it and feel free to stop by and cheer Gavin on! He is quite the little soccer star and seems to be doing pretty well at baseball too.

This last weekend at the soccer game I overheard some parents from the other team talking about Gavin "that kid is really fast - yeah, he's really good". He is one of the older kids in his age bracket, but I can't tell you how overhearing that made me swell up with pride!

Sam has been ear infection free for almost a month and is definitely sleeping better. One of these days I will bite the bullet and start transitioning him into his race car bed that Chad picked up at a garage sale. Right before our trip we had to go back to the ENT to get one of his tubes unplugged - drainage from infection had blocked the tube. His language has just taken off since clearing it. Frequent sayings these days are "uh-oh" and "I did it!" and "bite".

And one final piece of BIG EXCITING news. No - we are not having another baby. I accepted a position at Pioneer - it is an amazing opportunity. The job is way cool, and I won't bore you with all the details, but email me if you are interested in hearing more. One of the best parts is the office is just a few minutes from my house and literally a block from Gavin's school. I start June 1st.

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