Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Promise of Motherhood

From the time we start thinking of having children, a certain promise of motherhood looms before us. Of big fat bellies, and the mad dash to the hospital, and holding your baby for the first time. Of taking babies home, watching them grow into toddlers, kindergartners, teenagers. Learning to drive, sending them off to college, watching them get married and start families of their own.

Yesterday I participated in the March of Dimes walk to raise money and awareness to prematurity. And I realized that so often this promise goes unkept.

So today, for Mother's Day, I want to recognize ALL the mothers out there. Those that have your children with you. But especially the ones that don't. Those that are anxiously awaiting their new arrivals, but especially those that are wondering if it will ever happen for them. Mothers that are holding newborns in their arms, but especially, especially those that are sitting by an isolette, wondering when they'll get the chance to hold them. Those watching their kids run around and those wondering if their kids will ever walk.

The promise of motherhood isn't exactly fulfilled in the way we all dream of in the beginning. The path for many is much more difficult than they ever could have anticipated. As we take the day to celebrate all the mother's in our lives, as a mother, please take a moment to stop and count your blessings. And take a moment to think of all the mothers that are struggling. And if I could challenge you to go on more step, think about what it is that you can do, in your community, to help those that are waiting for their promises to be kept.

Happy Mother's Day!

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