Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sam's 15 mo check up

Last week we had Sam's 15 mo check up. He is doing great! At 12 mo he was 69/68% weight/height, now he he 54% weight and 79% height! The Dr said he's just stretching out to his pre-disposed genetic proportions. Everything looked good, and his reflux and allergies seem to be under control. For the first time, in a long time (knock on wood!!) he does not have an ear infection, nor is he on the verge of an ear infection.

At 15 months (well, really close to 16 months) Sam is:
  • RUNNING. He's recently really gotten the hang of it, and now there's just no sense in walking somewhere if you can run!
  • Throws a giant enormous fit if he can't get on the baseball field and play after Gavin's game.
  • Likes to shoot the soccer ball into the goal after soccer games.
  • Loves veggies & pasta. So-so on fruit
  • Does not like ice cream
  • LOVES suckers
  • Would live in the bath/shower/wading pool if we let him
  • Is still a bad sleeper (but made it to 4 am last night!!)
  • Is very opinionated
  • Idolizes his big brother
  • Is showing interest in potty training (and has had a few successful attempts)
  • Still has baby blue eyes and blond curls
  • Climbs the slide on our playground
  • Gives the best kisses
  • Lets us know exactly what he needs - tries to climb in high chair when he's hungry, goes to the fridge when he wants a bottle, grabs his blanket when he wants to snuggle
  • Is a total Daddy's boy until it's time to settle down and go to sleep
  • Is such a wonderful addition to our family, I can't imagine what we did before him!

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