Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Grave" conversation

A couple weeks ago, I was driving Gavin out to the Walnut Ridge recreation center in Johnston for his half mile fun run. Which he did GREAT in by the way! Under 4 1/2 minutes for a half mile, and he beat a lot of kids older than him (it was a K - 5 event).

On the way, along Beaver Drive by Camp Dodge there is a cemetary. Gavin told me he wanted to go there one day.

Why do you want to go to the cemetary?
To see my stone
What stone honey?
My stone - doesn't everybody have a stone? I want to see my stone

And then I realized what he was talking about.

Honey, you don't have a stone in the cemetary. Most people don't have stones until they die. Sometimes people get them earlier if they know where they want to be buried. But you don't have one.
Oh, well can we go look at other people's stones?

Man, these conversations sure get harder! I have to say I got pretty somber after that one. I couldn't imagine that one day, Gavin will have a stone. Hopefully, not for a very long time after I do. But still, what a reminder that our time, everyone's time, is limited.

And you know what the most amazing thing is about having a 6 yr old that is full of wonder and innocence and not afraid to ask about whatever is on his mind? He quite often jolts me out of my busy, pre-occupied world and reminds what is truly important, just when I need it most.

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