Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekend Games & Randoms

Life has been busy, so sorry for the lack of posts.

This weekend we have Gavin's first football game at 8 AM Saturday, and a soccer game at 10:45 Saturday. If you want to come cheer on the Texas Longhorns, or the Mighty Giants, email and I will give you directions. If you are a die hard fan that wants to attend both, you are welcome to stop at our place in between, although I will be running Gavin to soccer pictures at 9:45.

See what I mean about busy?

In other news, I got an email that the boys were selected to get their pics taken to use in promotions for Blank Children's Hospital. If they actually get used is a whole other story! Guess it depends on how well they behave for the pictures. I'm so excited, but mostly, am honored to be able to help promote Blank - I mean, if their cute mugs can't get the job done, whose would right? I feel such strong ties to that place, so it meant a lot to me to get asked.

Since I'm at it, here are the other brief updates:

Sam can pretty much repeat anything we say and is speaking more and more. His new phrase is "go away!" complete with a big arm gesture. So cute. So heartbreaking. So Sammy!

Gavin - my little smarty this one is. At the end of Kindergarten he was just slightly behind in reading/comprehension. Not bad, just part of the group that needed some extra help. We did put him in the summer two week reading and math review, but didn't do much else. (Kids deserve a summer break am I right??) Anyway, entering 1st grade had me nervous. But I have exchanged a couple emails with his teacher, who has described him as "a bright little guy" and "very smart, exactly where he should be starting 1st grade". And when I volunteered last week he wasn't in the group of kids that I was working with (the kids that need a little extra help). As happy as that made me, I knew he was a little bummed he didn't get to spend time with me. We are doing our reading time every night though, and he has had several homework assignments, so still spends time with "Mommy teacher". Last night there were a couple little books sent home for him to read to me, and he did SO FREAKING GOOD with them. I don't know where this development happened, but something has clearly clicked.

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