Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Second Grade

There will be no pictures to document the first day of school this year. Gavin is officially a big kid that doesn't need mom or dad to walk him to the bus! I'm excited for this independence and confidence for him, but a little sad for me. My baby is growing up.

Friday I took the day off and we went to meet the teacher and drop off his school supplies. For some reason I always get choked up walking into school on the first and last days of the school year. School was a very exciting and positive experience for me. I loved it. I can still remember all the excitement I felt on the first day of school. It's fun to experience that with your child, at the same time it's hard watching them grow up.

Each year gets a little tougher. Expectations grow, and tolerance for misbehavior diminishes. The pressure to succeed and ability to fail mounts. Cliques form, mean kids get meaner. Crushes form, hearts break. There are so many great things about growing up, but there are so many negatives to experience as well! This is the first year I just wanted to grab him and say "stay little....just a while longer". I know it won't get any easier.

This year the desks are no longer grouped facing other. They are lined up in neat rows facing the front of the classroom. The reading books are thicker. There are less play things in the classroom. Gavin picked out his desk and neatly arranged his school supplies inside. He checked out the room and got very excited to see the bin full of Goosebumps books. We found the coatroom, stopped in to say hi to his 1st grade teacher, and then left.

In the car he said "I wish it was Monday!". So glad he's a kid that's excited about starting school.

So this morning the first day of school came and went without any fanfare. I took Sam to day care at normal time, and called home to make sure he had left to walk to the bus on time. He left a few minutes early, Chad said, because he saw another kid down there waiting that he knew.

I can only imagine him walking/trotting down the sidewalk with his cool new backpack (Skullcandy - I'm assuming a name like that implies awesomeness). Self-assured, not at all scared, excited for new friends and new experiences. All things we've raised him to be.

It's still awfully hard to let go though.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, know what you mean. I still remember the day in front of Callanan that you told me kisses goodbye for the day were no longer allowed! Sniff.....but I survived. You will too. Love ya, Mom