Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sam's New Day Care

Next week, Sam will be back in a day care center. We just couldn't find a new nanny that met all our requirements. And it is probably time that he gets into a more structured environment anyway.

This morning we had a 2 hour play date scheduled there so he could get a feel for it before he starts full time on Monday. This morning he was out of sorts and telling me he didn't want to go, and then telling me he wanted me to stay the whole time (I was prepared to do so, but hoping I wouldn't have to).

We got there and he held a death grip on my hand for a while. Eventually I was able to get him to play without holding my hand. Then I backed up and watched him from afar against the wall. When they said it was time to pick up for snack time, he came back to me. There was one little girl that had her eye on him and she came over to us and started dancing around like a maniac - a move that Sam is very familiar with. He just laughed and laughed watching her. When he tried to grab my hand, I suggested he hold her hand instead, which he did.

He quickly ran for the bathroom when they called them to wash hands, and sat at the table next to his new girl friend. I watched as they doled out snacks and juice and he didn't even look for me. I tip toed over and asked if I could leave.

"Bye Mommy!"

When I picked him up, he told me his favorite part was going outside and building sand castles. I felt good about all the staff in the room, and they all have teaching certificates or MBA's. Hoping for an easy drop off Monday!

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Melissa said...

That sounds awesome. We love our nanny, but if Daphne were healthy, she would be in a daycare or at least a home-based drop off situation. I think it is so much better for socialization and routines. I hope Sam continues to love it.