Saturday, August 6, 2011

Minnesota Trip: Day 2

Day 2 in Minnesota was: MALL OF AMERICA!!

Or, in Sam's words "Baby rides!!" That's what he called the kiddie rides at Nick Universe.

We got up and had breakfast - the Embassy Suites has a hot breakfast (free!) every day with made to order omelets...yum!. We tried to shovel healthy food in the kids mouths in between bites of sausage. Actually, Gavin did pretty well, not fighting our guidance to eat somewhat healthy leading up to his race the next day.

We hit up Nordstrom Rack first, as it happened to be right there when we walked in, and was the only store I really wanted to shop at. I picked up some great new work out clothes, Gavin got a shirt and jammie pants, and Sam got the Skechers Sandals he had been talking about for a while. My 2 yr old having shoe cravings...where does he get that??

Then it was Nick Universe time. The boys rode one ride together, and then we realized we had to divide and conquer. Chad took Gavin and I took Sam.

Sam, or "The One That Has.NO.FEAR". He'll ride anything! He absolutely loves it.

We met up for lunch and ate at a noodle place - chicken noodle soup for the kids and salads for the parents.

Back at Nick Universe for more rides. We stayed together for the afternoon and the kids had fun jumping in Sponge Bob's house (a giant inflatable pineapple bounce house) and shooting ghosts on the ghost blaster ride. Before we left, we agreed to the log ride, and Sam was tall enough to go with a chaperone, so I took the kids while Chad snuck off to eat an ice cream cone - gotcha!!

Sam LOVED the log ride, and we managed to get out of there without getting soaked.

Back at the hotel, I hit the treadmill at the gym, showered up and we went down to the manager's reception. Free cocktails and munchies! We had leftover Thai food for dinner, and I made hot "steak and cheese" sandwiches for the kids. Using the leftover steamed beef, and cheese and bread that I brought from home, a few seconds in the microwave = a pretty fancy dinner made in a microwave, if I do say so myself!

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