Thursday, March 19, 2009

7 weeks

Cute Sam moment of the week: The first was when Chad was holding him, and I peeked over at just the right time, and Sam lifted his head, looked up at his Dad and smiled the biggest smile. The second was when I got him home from day care on Monday and held him and he just stared at me for the longest time like "I'm so glad to see you again".

Cute Gavin moment of the week: Monday Gavin went in to the baby room to check on Sam at day care. The teacher said Gavin just stood by his crib and asked how he was doing and told him how much he missed him.

Poor little Sammy probably has reflux. In addition to his pooping problems, now he is spitting up (a lot) at every feeding and last night he started acting VERY uncomfortable every time he ate. And he is not a baby that typically cries a lot, up until the last couple days he has been very content. We are seeing the doctor this afternoon and will keep you posted.

I'm very excited because a friend told me about this Amby bed that is kind of a hammock bed that is supposed to be excellent for babies that have reflux, colic, are restless sleepers, short nappers, preemies, and prefer to sleep being held. So far we have all but the colic on that list. I managed to get one on e-bay, and I can't wait for it to get here to see how it works because I have read tons of good things about it. Something has to work out soon, because right now it's Sam and I sleeping on the couch together. But at least I can sometimes block Gavin on the way to our room to climb into bed with Chad!

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Anonymous said...

did you cut your hair? it looks as if you did? i guess i might see you today and find out. samson looks a lot like his dad....isn't that swell. bye bye sellers.