Monday, March 30, 2009

Samson is Two Months Old!

Cute Sam Moment of the Week: Right on cue, when he hit 2 months yesterday he started smiling in response to a smile. Sam, you are so snuggly and sweet, we just adore you.

Cute Gavin Moment of the Week: We are heading out the door last weekend and Gavin asked me if his outfit was cool. He then asked if I looked cool, and I said "I don't know, do I?" He replied, "No, Mom, you look pretty!". Just when we are at our wits end with that kid, he knows how to get me.

It's so funny to see the personality differences cropping up already. Gavin, I wouldn't say he cried enough to be considered colicky, but he cried A LOT and had to be paced A LOT. But he hardly ever cried when he had good reason to (i.e. shots). Sam on the other hand barely ever cries, definitely when he is hungry, sometimes when he is tired or his tummy hurts. Well, he cries in the car (can't figure that one out, good thing day care is so close!). But he definitely screamed when he got shots today, poor kid. He weighed in at exactly 9 pounds, and is climbing up the growth chart to the 5 percentile. Early Access come Thursday to start tracking his development, but the Dr. has no concerns. He actually commented on how strong Sam's abs and legs are!

Gavin continues to be a handful with his temper outbursts. For the most part he has been so good and so sweet, but then once or twice a day something sets him off and total meltdown/screaming/chaos ensues. We never give in, so I am not sure what this is all about. Hopefully it is just a phase.

I have taken some pictures recently, and will get them posted soon.

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