Thursday, July 15, 2010

NICU Series - D-

Not to downplay a short stint in the NICU - we've been there with Sam, and it sucks horribly.

But really NICU series? Your first episode you show kids that go home in 18 days and 11 days? What about the people that spend two, three, six months in the hospital?

I don't think they hid or glorified anything, but I didn't get the feeling that the NICU experience was accurately portrayed. Even with Sam I had my low points - where was the mom hiding behind the curtain sobbing because her baby just won't take a bottle? Instead she put on a brave face for the camera and said she would learn to be patient.

They did throw in all the appropriate medical stuff - but during the head ultrsound they didn't tell the dad - or the camera that they were looking for brain bleeds - or what the potential complications from the brain bleeds could be.

The whole thing felt sterile. There are so many moments in the NICU -
Anticipation - every time I took the elevator up, knowing I would see my baby. Holding him for the first time. The day you walk out the door with him.
Fear - every time there is a set back, another illness, another test run
Excitement - with every good day, ounce gained, ml drank out of the bottle, O2 % turned down
Awe - of the Dr's, your child, and the miracle you witness daily
Panic - more often than anyone should feel
Worry - constant
And there's also funny light-hearted moments in the midst of it all that happen when you least expect them and you need them most

I thought I would be a basket case because I thought the show would bring me back to all those moments. And I'm disappointed that it didn't, because I don't think it did the NICU justice.

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