Thursday, July 29, 2010

My 18 month Old

Sam at 18 months:
  • Is doing a great job keeping up with his brother
  • No longer wants to sit in his high chair
  • Is still blonde with gorgeous blue eyes
  • Has words for pretty much anything he wants, and is putting together 3 word sentences "I did it! and "don't do that!" among his favorites
  • Is generally cooperative at diaper time, the hard to catch for diaper time phase was thankfully short lived
  • Still avoids nuts, eggs, and has limited dairy intake, but is generally a good eater
  • Has just been diagnosed with seasonal allergies. I'm close to taking him back for testing to see if he's allergic to the cat
  • Got rave reviews at his Early Access eval today
  • Still sleeps horribly - has maybe slept through the night twice his whole life. Once was at grandma's.
  • Is reluctant to give up one piece of babyhood - his bottle. I might be too :(