Friday, November 19, 2010

Festival of Trees & Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven't been good with the updates lately, and lest anyone worry something is wrong - it's not!

I have been incredibly busy getting ready for the Festival of Trees and Lights, an event that is held every year during Thanksgiving week. This event raises funds that support the Child Life program as well as the Child Advocacy and Outreach programs at Blank Children's Hospital. In fact, this event 100% funds the Child Life program! You know those Children's Miracle Network radiothon's that have you crying on the way to work? Well, they only support one hospital in every state. In our state the money goes to the U of I hospital which means that in order for other children's hospitals to offer the same program - they have to raise the money themselves. This is so close to my heart - and not because the boys have ever used their services. There really isn't much they can do in a NICU. But if my kids were ever to be in the hospital for any period of time, you can bet I would be SO thankful that this program existed.

I am responsible for the Children's Area at the event, and this is my second year doing it. We have all sorts of fun activities that kids participate in, in exchange for purchased tickets. There is no admission to get into the kids area, but you do need to purchase tickets for the activities. Activities are $1 - $2 and we have a great line up this year! (If I do say so myself) If you are in the area, PLEASE consider coming downtown and supporting this great event! More details can be found here. You may remember the boys had their pictures taken - come see them on display!

So that is going to keep me crazy for the next ten days.

The boys are doing great! We had family pictures done last Monday, so I am looking forward to seeing the results, although Sam was less than cooperative. It may look like we only have 1 kid in most of the shots. Oh well! That's life.

Gavin was referred to an eye doc after a vision screening at school. We were there yesterday and it turns out he is red-green color blind just like his great-grandpa! While you can't really get excited about color blindness, I have to admit a part of me felt a little happy knowing there are definitely some of my grandpa's genes in that little body. And now I have another reason to think of him when I look into my Gavster's eyes.

Sam is his usual spunky self. Still sleeping poorly and addicted to the bottle, although the nights seem to be making slow progress. He's definitely still allergic to milk - every once in a while at the store he begs for his "baby yogurt" (Stonyfield Farms - pics of babies on the package), and then we give it to him, and then he has horrible diapers.

We hired a new nanny! She starts Dec 13th. Our current nanny gave her notice (for the second time - long story!) and while we are very sad to see her go, we think we found a really good person to replace her. The kids (Sam and Kalin) have been with Brenda since they were 6 weeks old. It's very hard to think of anyone else taking care of them. It was always ok leaving Sam because I know how much he was loved in her care. Our new nanny, "K", has a lot of child care experience and is going to school for Early Childhood Education. I think (hope!) she is going to be a great fit with our family and the kids.

That's all for now, and don't worry if you don't see much on here for the next couple weeks. Between the Festival and Thanksgiving (complete with the Verdun family at my house = 5 boys aged 6 & under in my house!!) I am going to have my hands full!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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