Monday, April 16, 2012

California Spring Break Trip Day 0

We didn't get off to a good start for our spring break trip this year. In fact, the weather was the first thing that started going wrong when I started looking at the LA forecast a few days before we were to leave.

We had been experiencing gorgeous and unseasonably warm weather for March in Iowa - sunny, 70's, not too humid or windy. Meanwhile, LA was gearing up for the "worst storm of the winter". The weekend forecast called for 50's and rainy, with highs in the low 60's the rest of the week.

Friday morning, around 3 in the morning, Sam's head felt warm. He had been perfectly fine the evening before, playing outside and taking a walk, but we had noticed he seemed overly "dozy" and zoned out when it was time to wind down. I took his temp. 104. Crap!

I had taken the day off to pack and get organized, our flight not leaving til 6 pm. So I hadn't done much in the way of getting ready to go the night before. I have all day, right? Famous last words.

I went to the gym early to try to get a long run in. I had injured my calf earlier in the week, but still wanted to try it. It was a zillion degrees in the gym and humid and I just couldn't get into it. Plus I was worried about Sam. I checked my phone and had a text "Sam is really sick. Come home".

I got home, and took Sam to the walk in clinic after I wasn't able to get him in at our pediatrician. They said it was probably the flu, but swabbed the poor kid for strep and checked his ears. Infection. Antibiotics.

Got home, Sam wouldn't take any kind of medicine. The dr suggested zyrtec to try to clear him out before getting on the plane, but he wasn't having any of that. I only got one dose of ibuprofen in him as well, but that wore off well before the flight.

Then I had to stop by target - we picked up a few things to entertain the kids on the flights. Then we were off to the vet to pick up Meatball's vaccination records so that we could board him. Only to find out that his vaccines were not up to date! Last time he had been there, he was being treated for an infection and they didn't want to have the two drugs in his system at the same time. You can't board a pet without current vaccines.

We quickly got an appt for 2:45.

Back to the house. Eat quick, Sam fell asleep, and I packed frantically. I had an appt at 1:45 with my sports dr about my calf. Went there, came home, Sam woke up, loaded him and the cat up and ran to the vet. They were backed up. Waited, waited, and I start to feel mass panic set in. I'm very scheduled. When things are not running on time, and I have more things lined up behind it I start to get major anxiety. We're not going to make the plane!!!

Finally the vet comes in at 3:05 (I figure I have to be out by 3:15 to get the cat to the boarders, get home, get the van loaded, and be headed to the airport by 4). Since he had recently been there she agreed she didn't have to do an exam, they gave him shot and we were on our way. Phew.

Dropped him off at the kennels and called in a sandwich order to Jimmy Johns to pick up on the way to the airport.

Got home right as Gav is getting off the bus. Cram a snack down his throat. Throw everything in the car. Harass Chad that it's time to leave. My voice is getting shrill.

Finally we were on the road, drive through JJ's, grab our sandwiches and make it to the airport by 5. Check in went smoothly except my stupid suitcase was 51.5 lbs. I thought I could just pay for it being overweight, but no, they made me take stuff out! We stuffed a couple items in our carry on backpacks and went on our way. There was no security line (love that about the DSM airport!) and we made it through and sat and ate our sandwiches before getting on the plane.

First flight was a quick hop over to Chicago. I think Sam sat with Chad and he fell asleep. Once in Chicago we had a bit of a layover. Sam woke up, and we played "keep the 3 yr old entertained on a layover". It involved stroller rides around the terminal and stopping to buy chocolates for everyone.

The flight from Chicago to LA was rough. Sam slept on and off and when he wasn't sleeping he was very unhappy and uncomfortable. No doubt his ears and the fact that his fever was 104 and he wouldn't take anything to feel better. We made it to LA, grabbed our luggage and got on a shuttle to the rental car station. Chad waited in the longest line of people ever, and we finally got our car. Both kids were awake at this point, I bought them vending machine snacks to keep them entertained/happy while Chad waited in line. Thank goodness for the little umbrella stroller that I decided to take last minute, Sam spent a lot of time in it!

We drove to my dad's and got there after 1 am CA time. At this point I had pretty much been up 24 hours, as I hadn't slept much since Sam woke with his fever at 3 am. We crashed quickly.

To be continued.......Day 1 - Chad gets sick

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