Thursday, April 19, 2012


Not cute, Gavin....NOT.....CUTE admonishing Gavin for silly behavior

I'm going to punch you in the banana maker! one night after handing him a banana

Can I touch his fore-noggin? on meeting new cousin Thatcher for the first time and wanting to touch every.single body part

after coming in from playing outside, I gave him the run down: wash hands, play while mommy makes dinner, etc Mommy, you're mean! You always have to tell me everything and you're MEAN!! That's it. End of story.

Mommy, mommy! Can I tell you a question? this is constant. The kid doesn't stop asking questions....

Why do cats have ears on the tops of their heads, and we have ears on the side of our heads? good question, Sam. Unfortunately, "I don't know" never works. Neither does "that's just how it is".

As the questions continue and I say "ok, Sam, enough with the questions!"

Mommy! Just one word ok? ok, Sam......which leads right into one more question which he doesn't let me answer with "just one word"

Love him. But he is exhausting!

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