Monday, April 23, 2012

Perforated Eardrum & Full o' Crap

I tell you, the fun never ends in the Sellers household!!

Took both boys in to the Dr this morning for lingering issues. Sam has had all sorts of nastiness coming out his ear ever since our CA trip. Gavin has had stomach pain on and off all school year, but it's been much worse as of late. Last week I called to make an appt when I could bring them both at the same time (as our dr's office is half an hour away), and he was out last week so we had to wait until today.

Sam - perforated eardrum and a nasty infection still brewing back there. No shock on that one. His hearing has been a lot worse lately (lots of what? what mommy? what?). "What?" may be more annoying than "Why?" Maybe. So ear drops and antibiotics that I am going to have to bribe him to take are in order there.

Gavin - tummy was sore upon physical exam, so off to radiology we went. He got an x-ray of his tummy, and then I grabbed lunch for the boys at the cafe stand in the atrium

When did hospital food get so delicious? Boys had chef salads and they were awesome and I had a hummus wrap which was totally awesome. And yes, my kids choose salads for lunch of their own free will. She shoots....she scores!!

I kind a knew when I was looking at the x ray in radiology (the radiologist was so nice and showed it to Sam and Gavin and explained what all the bones were). But back at the dr's office, he explained that his system was all sorts of backed up. So he is starting him on Miralax and hopefully this will work.

Poor Gavie, we talked about it on the way to school and he said he was a little scared. You're just going to poop more than usual, I said. He asked if it was because he eats too much. No way!! I assured him it's nothing he did and that these things just happen sometime, and that it's even more important that he is drinking lots of water and making sure he goes when he needs to. He stressed that they only get one bathroom pass a day (in addition to plenty of regularly scheduled bathroom breaks), but I emailed his teacher and explained the situation and she is going to let him know that it's ok to go more often if he needs to.

So that's the latest in our house.

3 comments: said...

Poor guys! So the holes from Sam's tubes have closed up? And has Gav always had motility issues? Ugh. I have to say if my ped's office were half an hour away I would cry.

Megan said...

Awww! Poor kiddos! You probably do this already, but I find that probiotic supplements really help keep my kids regular. We love the Nature's Bounty brand chewable Acidophilus. They are kind of pricey, but CVS often has them on buy one, get one free special. And popcorn is surprisingly effective too, and the kids love it. Good luck. I hope they both feel lots better very soon!

Bridie said...

Thanks Megan! I just started Gav on probiotics last week before going to the Dr. They do eat popcorn - but not that often. It's funny you bring that up because I just bought a giant bag of Skinny Pop at costco this week and it is the best.thing.ever. I will have to start sending it for his snack daily! The little one loves fiber one bars, he eats on of those every day, but I can't get Gavin to eat them.