Friday, April 27, 2012

That's Three, If You're Counting

Ladykiller, thy name is Samson

Seriously. I show up at school yesterday and Miss Becca pulls me aside.

Sam has a new girlfriend. We've caught her trying to kiss him several times in the last couple days. She scoots her lunch chair literally right next to his and when we try to move her back to her spot she says "I NEED to be by him. I BELONG there!"

This makes girl number 3 since he's started at this school last August. First it was K, a shy quiet little wisp of a girl that befriended him on his first play date at the school the week before he started there full time. Then K moved to the 3 yr old room.

Next was "Wizbeth", an adorable girl with curly black hair, one day when Chad dropped him off, she ran up to him and asked if Sam was her boyfriend. Then she moved on to the next room.

Lately he has been talking about "Evwin" a lot. Last week he told me how someone knocked her over on the playground and he went to help her get up and then he fell over and that's why the knees of his pants got wet. So chivalrous!

And now this girl, it seems, has to claws in my little man. Apparently they have "double dates" with "another couple" - another boy and girl that are buddies, the four of them go and sit at the lunch tables and talk. Can't you just picture it? Hilarious!!

Miss Becca also told me that Sam had gotten hit in the ear and was worried because she saw some red in his ear. That happens to be the infected ear so I assured her that was there already. I asked Sam later what happened and he said that "Evwin" had hit him in the ear.

But it was on accident! We were dancing.

I also asked him about the kissing. And reminded him that we shouldn't be kissing girls at school.

But Evwin always tries to kiss me, but I don't try to kiss her back!!! Complete with the Italian hand gesture for effect.

Dancing...double dates at the lunch table.....I did send him to a church pre-school right? Seems oddly reminiscent of 8th grade to me.

*I have to point out that sticking with one girl exclusively for a period of time is not shocking given the early years he had with a nanny and KK. I'm sure forging a spend every moment relationship with a little girl at school just feels very natural and normal. He does have friends that are boys too, he talks about them often and there are several that are his "best friends too".

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Anonymous said...

That is SO cute. Evwin has good taste, he is adorable.