Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break Week

It's been a crazy week with spring break this week. Gavin has been home and having a blast. Our nanny's boyfriends son is just a grade older than Gavin and so he came along Mon - Wed so that Gavin would have someone to hang out with.

Monday was science center day, Tuesday they went to the mall and played and ate at Old Chicago, Wednesday they went to the zoo. Thursday Gamma Janet picked Gavin up for a special date and they went to breakfast and the science center and then her house to hang out.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings Grandma Betsy came over to play with the boys and enjoyed playing outside in the nice weather we've been having!

And yesterday Uncle Zach hung out and watched basketball and is coming back for more today.

We have had a lot of visitors this week and I don't know what Sam is going to do when it quiets down again! (Hopefully sleep better....not sure if it has been all the activity or what, but he has been sobbing himself to sleep and then waking up once or twice and crying for a long time in the night. Delayed reaction to the bottle???)

Anyway, I have been horribly remiss about taking pictures lately....not that you would see them for six months anyway if I was taking them  :) But the video in the last post is from last night and that's G-Betsy in the background cheering them on as they dance.

We are going to enjoy some down time this weekend....and then the fun begins. Soccer practices start Tuesday. Games start first weekend in April. Baseball practices will likely start sometime in April and games start in May. And Gavin will likely be in track and field as well if we think we can juggle it (Chad is going to an informational mtg on Wednesday next week) which will make May insanity with 3 sports going on at once.

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