Monday, April 25, 2011

Gavin Update

Is eating A LOT. Not lying, last night he ate a 3 egg omelet with ham, then ate 1/4 of his dad's, then ate 2 pieces of toast.

Which may explain how he suddenly outgrew his size 7 pants - they are at the getting slightly awkward length at his ankles. We need to go shopping.

Which explains how he is now only a few inches from reaching my shoulders. What will I do when he catches me in height? Wear higher heels! Get slippers with platforms!

I had a wonderful encounter with his Kindergarten teacher last Friday while I was volunteering at the school. She started teaching 2nd grade this year and told me how she was so hoping to get him back in her class next year. How she is so excited when she gets to see him in the halls. How big his heart his, about as big as his eyes, and how sweet he is.

Always what a mama wants to hear - never mind being Harvard grad or the star player*, I hope he will always be kind and big hearted. Even if it means getting his heart stomped on by horrible girls, which will probably come with the territotry.
*although this would be a welcome bonus!

Gavin got a special treat on Saturday when he went to the Drake game with my mom, Dan and their friends from out of town. Apparently everywhere he went he was running! (Name that movie) And eating a lot, and came home starving.

We have a very busy week this week! On top of the 2 track & field practices, soccer practice, and baseball practice that are crammed into Mon - Wed, the schools are hosting the "Little Dragon Relays". Mon & Tues they are having clinics at the schools, which culminate in a track meet at the school on Wednesday. Please cross your fingers for some good weather! Most of our sports stuff was cancelled this last week or so due to rain and icky weather.

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