Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can a Baby fake a sick day?

Sam's been a little extra crabby for a couple days now, and while a little voice nagged ear infection, I talked myself into teething (yes, we've been teething for 6 months now). I think he's going to get a whole mouthful at once.

I've been trying to hold off the Dr. since we are going tomorrow for his 9 month check up, and well, germy Dr's offices are not someplace you want to be spending too much time in this time of year.

Today day care called, he wouldn't eat, sleep or drink and all he wanted was to be held and cry and say "mama, mama". I called the Dr and couldn't get in to our ped which meant I would still have to keep my appt tomorrow too. I took an evening appt with another dr to check the ears. I called back to day care and they insisted he needed to be picked up as he was miserable (he usually loves it there).

Got home and he took half a bottle and fell asleep. Now he doesn't have a fever and was a little extra cranky but not inconsolable. I ended up cancelling the appt since I didn't figure 18 hours would make much difference and he no longer seemed miserable. The only thing I did different was give him motrin instead of tylenol - so maybe that at least eased the ear or tooth pain. Hoping he can handle day care for the morning tomorrow so I can get some work done in the office!

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