Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Talking to You H1N1

FIRST you get the government and the media all worked up and they get the public all riled up.

BUT it's next to impossible to get access to the shot, or even the regular shot for that matter.

WHICH I think might be ok because we're generally healthy people. And the media is telling us it's not showing to be fatal in otherwise healthy people.

BUT THEN my friend tells me that her friend's otherwise healthy 10 month old died from H1N1 this week. Within THREE DAYS of getting sick.

I have Sam scheduled for a regular flu shot this weekend. They are only giving it to the high risk population, to kids under 3. I can't find a place that will give Gavin one - the few places that are still doing flu clinics won't give them to kids his age.

We're going to get very crazy about hand washing and hand sanitizer in my house. And if you have a hint of a cold, please don't come visit or have us over. Sam's immune system is better than Gavin's was as a baby, but he still missed out on some of that. I'm not usually a germaphobe, but I guess this year I won't be taking any chances.

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