Monday, October 12, 2009

Grandpa's Visit

It never fails, I was ready to post pictures and for some reason the connection to my computer won't work.

Grandpa Rui left today, and the boys will certainly miss him. It will also be a shcok to our collective system to be up and out the door at 7 tomorrow (yes, I should be sleeping).

For the most part we relaxed and took it easy. We made trips to the science center, mall, Old Chicago. Dad got to see a soccer game and swim lessons. There were bowling showdowns, coaxing Sam to stand and crawl, and some AWESOME Indian food. It was great to see my Dad, even better that the boys got to know him. Even though I worked part time last week, when I wasn't at the office, I wasn't thinking about work, and didn't fire up the laptop all weekend. It was a much needed break.

During a roughhousing match, Dad helped finish off Gavin's other front tooth that was loose. So now he's missing three teeth and I think he may need to change his Halloween costume to "hockey player". Oh, and I finally heard what his wonderful school day was, but that is another post. I also have updates on the school front, but will devote that all to a separate post. All in all Gavin and Dad were great buddies.

Sam is doing well with his exercises, and needs very little support to stay on his knees (although he still needs help getting them under him). I don't even have to get him rocking, I just sing "rocky rocky" to him and he gets going. He's even movedone of his knees forward as if to crawl. But then his arms go splat. I've been giving him a sippy cup of water and he is doing great getting it to his mouth, and can even get some water out of it once in a while! Today he started blowing kisses in response to me, well, it's more like a cluck of the tongue, but I know what he means!

I'll get some new pictures up soon.

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