Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Well the biggest thing going on right now is that Grandpa Rui is here spending 10 days with us! It didn't take long for the boys to fall in love with him, and they are going to be so sad when he is gone. Gavin is having a blast playing with him, and I think G Rui is planning on having Sam walking before his visit is up. (For those of you not family, Rui is my dad who lives in LA).

Yesterday we had a soccer game in chilly rainy weather. They got creamed again, poor kids can't catch a break. The other team was actually giving us mercy goals. Really, the coach would have the kids stand together in the corner of the field while our kids scored. Gavin did score one legitimate goal, and so far is enjoying it. I can already tell I'm going to be the parent that is way too involved. No, not that parent that screams inappropriately at their child who is trying to do his best. The one that overreacts to all successes and failures. I just get so into it. I can't help myself! When they get older and actually competitive I'll be the one crying every time my kid scores a goal. I think this stems from 1) being a total softie and 2) in the back of my mind being always aware of how lucky we are that Gavin is a normal functioning boy that can do all these things. Never forget his precarious start. Not because he deserves special treatment, but because it's important to realize how good we have it.

Sam wants to get around but appears no closer to crawling. His day care lady (Brenda) is convinced he'll skip right to walking. He can stand holding on to our fingers, and if he is sitting close to the ottoman, couch, or laundry basket, reaches out and wants to pull up. He's making it through the night without a bottle, although wakes up and needs a paci or cuddle. Next step is getting him in the crib (we're still sleeping on the couch, although he sleeps alone on the other couch). We push the ottoman up to the couch and put up pillows so he can't roll close to the edge, and I sleep on the other couch. I wake at the slightest wimper, so don't worry he's safe! But I do miss my bed.

Today we all went to the science center. For those with kids in this area, the family season pass is so worth it. Gavin can easily spend 2 - 3 hours there. I'm looking forward to only working half days this week and to some homemade Indian food Tues night. It's been a crazy couple months at the office, so I am trying really hard to not put in tons of hours from home. It's worked, I only logged on Friday night and that was it all weekend.

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