Monday, October 26, 2009


"Salmon" - his new nickname for Sam
"Samurai" - my nickname for Sam, but it's cuter coming from him
"That's SO boring" - whenever we suggest that he do/watch/play something he doesn't like
"Mom, I'm allergic to chicken patties" - the first thing he said when I picked him up one day. He's now "allergic" to anything he doesn't want to eat.
"You're a genius!" - I hear this in response to a variety of things

Drumroll please....this was the best thing my tired Monday morning ears could hear today. I had packed Gavin a lunch for his field trip today. As I handed him his lunch he said.

"Thank you Mommy. I love you. You're the best - and a genius!"

And I have been walking around in a puddle of heartmelt all day = )

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Anonymous said...

Love the nickname Salmon! And, the 'allergy' comment is actually 'genius' - I might just start using it! - Sarah