Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sam's EI Appt

Early Intervention came today for an evaluation. Even though Sam's not technically behind, I take full advantage of these services, after all my tax dollars are paying for them. So they come every 2 - 3 months.

And here's why I like to have them come out - even though Sam's not behind, he's not crawling, which is odd since he's actually ahead of his actual (yes, actual, not adjusted) age in almost every area. Anyway after talking about some of the things he was doing and observing him on his tummy they determined he has some low tone in his hips (not a bad case). This basically means he is very flexible (which he is, he can sit on the floor and lean forward and touch his nose to his toes) and it's harder for him to get his knees under him. He's got great turn out, which he inherited from his mommy, so we just need to do some exercises with him so he can build the strength and muscle memory to get his hips parallel and his knees under him. They showed us the exercise that the PT does with kids, and also showed us how to move him from sitting to tummy. He usually just leans forward and starts rocking back and forth til he nose dives forward and onto his tummy. Since he's flexible, it works. But they worked with him to rotate his trunk to the side, tuck one leg and move onto his tummy.

It seems so simple, but I would never think to do any of this. And that's why I take advantage of these services!

In other news, Gav's teacher emailed me yesterday to tell me he had a WONDERFUL day and that she would let him tell me what happened. Well, I picked him up all excited to hear about his big accomplishment. And he said "I was at recess and let someone else have a turn on the swing". ooooook. Don't get me wrong, taking turns is a good thing, but somehow I don't think that's what she was referring to! So I pried a little and said "Is there anything else? That happened in the classroom? Did you do a really good job on something?"

To which he got annoyed with my line of questioning and said "NO! OUTside I said. That's all!"

Seriously. I don't know how that kid can remember the name of every single monster truck he owns (I haven't counted but well over 50) but can't tell me what he ate for lunch. Or remember the big crowning achievement of the day!

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