Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost Christmas!

I just love this time of year, and it's only better since having kids and getting to experience all that excitement all over again!

It's been busy around here!

Sam is cruising along the furniture now, so we could have a walker by his 1st birthday. He is starting to "talk" more though only a few of us probably understand what he is saying. He can (sorta) say: big brother, baby, bye-bye, all done, good, mama, dada, ba-ba (a specific way he says it means bottle). He also LOVES to give kisses now. Big sloppy wet open mouth kisses, but we'll take them! Last night we had some friends over and they had a tiny baby (a preemie!) that was the size of a newborn. She was laying on the floor and Sam was so excited he just kept leaning over and kissing her on the head. He is too cute, although his habit of screaming his head off about an hour after falling asleep is not.

Gavin had his first head injury. The first message on the cell phone (and office phone) from the school nurse came Wednesday. He'd fallen and hit his head pretty hard in PE. By the time I got the msg Chad was already on his fall. He didn't pass out but he was unsteady when he got up. Friday I volunteered in his classroom and the teacher mentioned that he was still a little off balance. So we ended up at the pediatrician that afternoon, just to be safe. The Dr. said he had a mild concussion but nothing to worry about by that point. Apparently had we beedn there Wed we would have been told to keep an eye on him when he was asleep and some other stuff, so a little scary to think about what might have happened! Gavin is LOVING this snow and our awesome sledding hill in our back yard. He was kind of a wimp about cold weather last year, but this year he can't get enough, and he loves rolling around in the snow. It's giving me high hopes for our ski trip to Colorado!

That's right, I am taking him on his first ski trip sometime in the next couple months. I can't wait!

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