Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sam's new moves

I really need to find some time to post (and take!) some pictures, but in the meantime here is a Sam update.

He got his seasonal flu shot booster and his first H1N1 vaccine yesterday. He did pretty well. There is a lot of vaccine controversy, but I did a ton of research before making a decision. In the end, the benefits outweighed the risks, especially since I have a friend who's friend's 10 month old baby died from the flu.

He is crawling fast, exploring the whole house. He loves it. His favorite thing to do is make a break for the laundry room when we've left the door open so he can splash in the cat's water bowl (I know, SO gross). He is pulling up and he can now lower to a sit with some control without just plopping. Since I clapped and yay'ed for him the first few times, his new game is to pull up, sit slowly, clap for himself (and look for me to clap for him). Repeat, repeat, repeat. Not much cruising going on yet.

He's super cute as always. Still has the cold/congestion hanging on, but mine is finally gone, and his is getting better. I started him back on his reflux med since when I googled chronic productive cough that was one of the reasons. It actually seems to be helping, and he was waking up crying at night as if in pain, which is also now gone, so I think he was still having acid reflux, even though it wasn't coming all the way out.

That's all we have for now!

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