Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Did you have a great Christmas? We hope so and we sure did!

Gavin really got into the whole Santa thing this year, and I actually remembered to wrap presents from Santa in different wrapping paper than presents from Mom & Dad. Everything he opened he said "I wanted that/those!" even the boring items like socks/pants/shoes. I take that back, he's my kid so clothing isn't really boring to him!

By far the gift that was the biggest hit was Wii Sports Resort. He's been playing it about 4 hours a day since he opened it. At least. Not kidding. But at least he has to be somewhat active to play it and not just vegging out on the couch, right?

Sam just had a few gifts to open, and I don't know what we're going to do as he gets older and actually cares about opening presents. Gavin seems to already have everything I don't know what will be left for Sam! I need to go through the basement and start putting toys in tubs that would work as presents and just not let him see them. It feels a little like cheating, but again, Gavin has everything.

We did presents with Grandma Betsy Tuesday night, had a bunch of the Roewe clan over Thursday night and had lunch with my mom, stepdad, brother, and SIL on Friday. Our house survived the first big holiday get together, and everything just went great! I have about 50 pictures I need to upload from the last month.

We did a lot of sleeping in over the long weekend. Gavin was on super good behavior all weekend, and it's amazing what a difference that seems to make to my stress level and attitude. Sam on the other hand is getting to be quite the little terror. If he's not making a dash to play in the cat's water bowl, he's pulling up on the TV stand and messing with the dvd player, Wii, etc. Or opening up all the cabinets and drawers. Or pulling up at the baby gate at the top of our stairs. He actually pulled it down today, so Chad has it rigged up so he can't do that again (I'll have to get a picture, he's good!). When we tell Sam no and pick him up to give him something else to play with, he's throwing a little fit. But when he's not pulling those stunts, he's giving kisses, talking up a storm, and cruising around the couches. I've seen him giving his pacifier to his cabbage patch baby and also his music station's microphone (it has a smiley face on it, with a mouth). I swear I heard him say "take it" to the baby when shoving the pacifier at his mouth. He's also saying uh-oh, all done, good, and thanks.

Tomorrow is back to work, but Gavin gets to play at KTC for the week, back to the summer schedule of daily field trips.

Stay tuned for a ginormous picture post!

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