Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sam is 11 months old!

I can't believe my baby is...well, no longer a baby.

At 11 months Sam is in 12 and soon to be in 18 month clothes. He is around 24 pounds, eats anything the big people do (cut small or mashed up), and is crawling and cruising around furniture.

He is babbling up a storm, adding a couple new words a week. He gives high fives, waves bye-bye, claps and does "so big". He can put balls into his gumball machine toy, is starting to stack his stacking toys, and loves to push Gavin's trucks around the house (making a raspberry sound as he does it).

He hasn't had a drop of formula since his first couple days in the NICU and is about 75% organic food fed (I'm trying really hard to keep him mostly organic til at least 2).

He doesn't go to sleep without a fight and won't sleep in his crib.

He worships his big brother.

And I can't believe in one more month we'll be saying Happy Birthday!

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