Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy Weekend

Despite the weather not cooperating Saturday, it was a fun-filled weekend.

Krista and family arrived Friday late afternoon and we took everyone to Cici's pizza buffet for dinner, along with Gary, Susan, and Ben, Annie and Penny. 8 adults. 6 kids ranging from 5 months - 5 years. We were officially "those people" in the restaurant.

Saturday it was off to my mom's for the day. The kids spent a fair amount of time outside even though it wasn't too sunny. Lots of good food consumed, and no major altercations with the children. 8 children. 7 boys. All under the age of 5 1/2. No broken bones. I'd say it was a good day. I have lots of pictures that I will post soon.

Sunday our houseguests left and it was the usual grocery shopping/getting ready for the week day. Gavin seemed especially out of sorts, but I suppose that is to be expected with all the excitement and being totally out of his routine with his cousins here. Hopefully his behavior will improve once he's back in the swing of the week, although I do think he's been worse lately since his new summer camp lacks "structure" - as in they have no routine as field trips vary daily. I am going to talk to Sam's OT the next time we see her about evaluating Gavin. Just to check out all avenues. I will say this weekend he seemed to have typical naughty behavior and no major meltdown, which I see as a positive sign.

Sam started solids. He's been doing cereal for about a week now, and we started sweet potatoes this weekend. This kid was born to eat. He gets so excited when I'm feeding him. He's pooping upwards of 4 times a day. Life is good with him. Last night I had him on a blanket on the floor while I was working on dinner. Next thing I know I peeked at him and he was almost a foot away from where I had placed him. Not sure if he rolled himself over there or just kind of wiggled. Regardless, he is starting to get "mobile".

I'll post some pictures soon!

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