Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pure Joy

Sometimes, life's just easy. This morning I could tell Sam was getting sleepy, he was laying on the floor and I handed him a pacifier and a blanket and he just fell asleep. Just like that.

I don't have anything special to say today, other than Sam just brings so much joy to our lives. Gavin too (and he's been a really good kid so far this weekend). Besides the easy napping, Sam has been playful and smiling and laughing all morning. He's getting to be so interactive. I was kissing him on the cheek and he was giving me this monster grin back.

Yes. Pure JOY. I'm so lucky to have all these wonderful boys in my life (including my hubby!).

Not every day is this easy. But man, do I appreciate the moments that are.

I hope everyone is having an AMAZING weekend!

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