Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gavin is getting expensive....

But at least his day care bill will go down when he starts school! I just spent over $200 in 2 days on rec soccer, his uniform (why 5 yr olds need custom made jerseys that they will quickly outgrow is beyond me!), and through the Johnston community school district I signed him up for Little Ninjas, soccer camp, and a fun run. Little Ninjas is Thursday nights starting this week. Soccer camp is the last week in July. Soccer starts Aug 29th for 8 games. The fun run is a half mile run in September.

Phew....and I know it will only get worse. At least maybe as long as we stay in the Johnston district and they don't change their team colors, Sam can use the uniform someday.

Although, he's been expensive from the start....lest we forget the $600,000 hospital bill he racked up in his first 82 days of life! = )

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