Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've Created a Monster

This weekend Gavin went to Grandma Betsy's for a weekend visit. One would think I would get a lot of stuff done around the house with one kid gone...not so much. Friday I WAS able to get out for exactly 2 hrs and 45 minutes for a much needed girls night. Although Saturday Chad had a guys night and was gone for close to 10 hrs.....hmmmm, funny how that works out......

Saturday Sam and I visited Grandma Lois at Deerfield and he put on quite a show for all the spectators in the dining room.
Sam loves Mommy kisses, and was giving some longing looks to the bowl of ice cream. Not yet little man!
Sunday we went grocery shopping and I attempted to finally catch up on laundry but Sam would have none of it. He's been especially needy and especially pukey lately. His 6 month check up is coming up and I think I will see able switching his reflux meds as I have learned it is common to build up a tolerance to Zantac. I guess the biggest issue with trying to get caught up on laundry was that I did at least 3 additional loads of bibs, blankets, clothes (Sam's) and t-shirts (mine) that were constantly showered with spit up. He spits (a lot) whenever he is sitting up or on his tummy, but we have to let him be in those positions in order to work on his motor skills - so frustrating.

Sunday night I decided I really needed to get the kitchen cleaned up from dinner and Chad and Gav were playing downstairs, so I put him in his crib. He tolerated it for all of 2 minutes, then screamed his little heart out for another 5 minutes as I washed dishes. I went in and rescued him, and man, can he break your heart. He wasn't just crying, he was shaking and whimpering like he was terrified - poor little guy!

Now, this is all my fault. Due to his horrible reflux, he never liked laying on his back when he first came home. He HATED the bassinet in our room, and wouldn't sleep in the crib for more than an hour. In order to get some much needed sleep, I got into the habit of sleeping with him on the couch. There was probably a window a couple months ago where he was finally comfortable on his back due to his meds, and still small enough to settle into a new sleeping arrangement. Now I'm going to have a fight on my hands. But really, I don't mind so much, as I work during the week, so it's nice to have the nights with him....but boy do I miss my comfy bed!

Gavin has soccer camp this week! I thoroughly confused him when I made a comment about how he would learn to dribble the ball.

Gavin: are we going to be on the sidewalk or the grass?
Mom: on the grass
G: but it's hard to dribble on the grass
M: it's not like basketball, you dribble with your feet in soccer
G: like this? (and bops his foot up and down, like you would your hand in basketball)

Why must we confuse things by using the same words for different things???

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