Saturday, July 11, 2009

I love Bargains

Today was a super successful day at Merle Hay Mall.

I am in such need of a new wardrobe, but I am incredibly picky and I will only buy things that are on super clearance. I did manage to find a shirt and pants for work - less than $10 each! I also found a beautiful brown Calvin Klein dress that was marked down to $38 from $130. Ok, so it's slightly too big and I have no idea when I will wear it but I couldn't pass up such a good deal.

We also found socks and underwear for Gavin. That he put on the first time and didn't freak out once! Gavin has a couple sensory quirks regarding how socks and underwear feel, and we usually put socks on and take them off several times before they feel right. Same with boxers and shorts. I got smart and bought him boxer briefs that are too big - so they are not tight around the waist, yet they are slimmer through the leg so they won't bunch up under his shorts. So if anyone is buying him underwear buy size M (10-12) boxer briefs. They are a hit! And they were on sale.

Our last bargain was at Target where they had Earth's Best organic baby food on sale. So we stocked up.

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