Sunday, August 9, 2009

And the Good Boy Award goes to....

Gavin Sellers! He has been such a delight this weekend and a very good helper. Chad and I both had a lot of work to do this weekend so Chad kept him entertained Saturday and took him to the science center. Sunday I took the boys shopping and Gavin was so easy and good at the stores, not even upset when I told him we weren't buying any toys at Target.

I picked up a thing that hangs on the crib and lights up and plays music in the hopes that Sam will take to sleeping in his crib.

Gavin: "You can sleep in Daddy's bed. I will take care of Sammy if he is scared of the dark. I will check on him when he cries".

Not lying, that is exactly what he said - Gavin is SUCH a great big brother!

Another funny conversation as we were leaving Target:

Gavin (seeing the hay roles in the field across from Target): "Mom what are all those hays for?"
Bridie (not seeing the hay roles and thinking "what the hay?"): What?
G: Those hay roles
B: Oh, they are rolled up and ready to send to the people that need them.
G: We don't need any hay
B: Nope
G: because we don't have any animals
B: Yes (wondering where he learned hay is for animals) what animal needs hay?
G: Horses - hay is for the horses!

What a little man. So smart. Such an awesome brother. Growing up so fast (sniff....sniff....)


NovelTeaMommy said...

First, YAY! Blogger actually let me through to post a comment! Woo-hoo!

What a great kid you got there. I don't think I was so helpful when my sister was born! So, are you making a real award for him?! ; )

Bridie said...

You know, I probably need to make one. I don't think we had a tantrum ALL WEEKEND. Which is amazing. Thanks for the idea!