Sunday, August 16, 2009

Head Ultrasound Monday Morning

Please keep Sam's brain in your thoughts as we have a follow up ultrasound Monday morning. I've done such a good job putting it out of my head I haven't started worrying about it til now!

In the NICU they did a routine u/s to check for brain hemorrhage (required before discharge for babies born prior to 34 weeks). No brain bleeds, but they did find a cyst - tiny, the size of the tip of a pen. We are just following up to make sure it is gone.

If it's not....well, I have no idea what that means because I haven't googled brain cysts. Pretty good self restraint out of me right?

I've been so crazy busy that I have been doing a horrible job keeping this blog updated. Here's my reminder list of things to tell you all about: news pics, "because we're aliens", "you should wear a lot of make up", Gavin's behavior (good!), Sam's eating solids, and The Picture People. Soon I promise!

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