Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starting Kindergarten and Brotherly Love

Gavin's first day went as well as could be expected. There were a few tears when we first got there because it was a total zoo and he got overwhelmed. I stayed in the classroom until his friend Ian got there. He seemed fine when I picked him up. Of course, he couldn't remember anything he had done all day!

Now on to the brotherly love. I love these boys on their own, of course, but I REALLY love them together! Yesterday we were able to lounge a little as we were both taking Gav to his first day of school. Sam was sitting on Chad's lap and kept leaning over and scooting so he could get close to Gavin. He just wanted to lay his head on him, it was so cute.

Sam's thing right now is blowing raspberries. He sometimes does it when eating, which we try to curb. He also does it whenever I put something more solid than a puree in his mouth: his prevacid tablets (they are dissolvable and I learned it's much easier popping it in his mouth than trying to dilute and syringe it in) or his yogurt meltaways. You put it in his mouth and sure enough those lips purse!

Well, last night Gavin thought it was fun to blow raspberries right back at him, and before you know it, there was a full blown competition going on. I wish I had captured it on video! Sam was getting all worked up and puffing his cheeks out SO far to try to out-do his brother.

How lucky am I to have this constant fun and entertainment in my house?

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