Thursday, August 20, 2009

"You SHOULD Wear a Lot of Makeup"

I've said this before, and I am sure to say it again - Gavin cracks me up on a regular basis. You must love the honesty of this age, even if it stings a little!

It must have been last weekend we were out and about and I didn't put on make up before leaving the house. Now, I really don't wear much anyway - I don't have the time or patience in the mornings, so it's eyeliner and mascara and out the door. But it must resonate with Gav because when I have to drop him off in the mornings, I always give him a warning "I'm going to put my makeup on, and then we're getting you dressed."

So back to last weekend, we were driving and Gavin made the comment that I hadn't put on make up, and said:

G: "Sometimes you wear make up and sometimes you don't wear make up!"
M: "I don't usually put on make up on the weekends"
G: "Why don't you wear a lot of makeup?"
M (ok, totally fishing here): "Don't you think Mom's pretty enough she doesn't need makeup?"

G: "You should wear a lot of makeup Mom. You should."

Double sigh!

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NovelTeaMommy said...

(this is me giggling)
This is great, I can't wait until my days are filled with home made episodes of Kids Say the Darndest Things.
I remember telling my nephew, "you crack me up". The next time we saw him, he was saying that to me : ) How lucky you are to have someone make you laugh so much!