Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Going to be a Long Night

I don't understand how Sam can feel so good during the day and it all goes to pieces at night. He'd only been asleep a little over an hour when he woke up - heart racing, shallow breathing, and a high respiratory rate. His temp went from normal to almost 103 in less than an hour. And he was coughing.

Now, shortly before Gavin turned 1 we had an ER visit for the very same thing. After doing an x-ray of his throat and some other tests, the Motrin they gave him kicked in and he was fine within an hour. So I gave Sam a dose, and we went to sit on the front porch to speed bringing his temp down. And now sure enough he is sleeping peacefully, still breathing a little fast, but ok.

What is it about the night time that brings these episodes on? He was great today and no Motrin since about 6 am. At any rate, I have a couple hours of work to do still. Making for a long night, and fingers crossed Sam stays asleep til morning.

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