Monday, November 2, 2009

Savoring the Moments

I'm trying to make a point of savoring the moments in life. I tend to let my mind get so consumed with stuff. Work stuff, house stuff, schedule stuff....Now I'm not one to stress about my age, but as I approach the big 30 I realize that every day that passes means less moments to enjoy in the future. So I am trying really hard to put that stuff out of my mind and just enjoy the moments as they come.

And this weekend was wonderful! A good friend that I haven't seen in years is back and town and came over with her husband and 3 yr old daughter (Ella - how strange?) for pizza and trick or treating. Now the good thing about getting older is that you are old enough to have old friends to catch up with - Meg I'm so glad you're back and with such a cute family to boot!

Another great moment was Saturday night and we were all in our room playing. Gavin was jumping on the bed, Sam was on the floor playing and we were taking turns trying to throw a ball at Gavin and he was keeping score between us. I realized that we get so busy on the weekends that we either each take one kid or one of us takes both and we go about our chores and errands and work. It was so nice to all just play together.

SAM CRAWLING! He can get where he wants by rolling or going from belly to sitting but he took some tentative strides crawling.

Family soccer - since we've been unlucky in soccer weather and had a couple games cancelled, we had a family "soccerfest" where the parents participated with the kids. Chad and Gavin were playing together trying to do tricks like drop kicks and headers, and then I played with Gavin in the parent/kid scrimmage. It was PERFECT weather and a nice end to the season.

And my last favorite moment was Gavin doing "chicken legs" last night at my mom's. We were over for dinner and afterwards we were in the living room - and I don't even know how the subject of chicken legs came up - but - Gavin started doing this crazy strut and singing "chicken legs, chicken legs!". We were all about crying we were laughing so hard and he just kept doing it.

Gavin - you crack us up. How lucky we are to have you in our lives, cracking us up on a regular basis.


Julia said...

Hey! thanks for wanting to be a featured full-time mommy! email me at jladewski at hotmail dot com and i will give you a list of questions to answer. then i'll let you know when you're up on the blog! thanks again!!


Julia said...

oh and my boy is almost 10 months, so we got babes about the same age!! :)