Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update: School, clothing sizes, and other stuff

I can't believe it's been a week since the last post! It's been a BUSY week....see post below for what I have been up to!

We had our first conferences on Monday! His teacher was so proud of all the progress he has made so far....some of the issues with focus and not being able to sit still are gone. No more carpet rolling! They rate different areas on a scale of 1 - 4. 1 meaning there are some concerns, 2 means we're not quite there, but making good progress, 3 is right on, and 4 is exceeding expectations. Gavin got mostly 2's and 3's and even a 4! No 1's which means he is doing great. And she really thought on some of the 2's he actually was at a 3 but was having a focus problem at that particular time of assessment. So overall, great news, and especially great is that he's just making so much progress. Every day I see him wanting to learn. Sunday night we were reading and came across the word "jet" and he said, "no, wait, I want to read it" and sounded it out! Most of their reading right now comes from sight words and visual cues, so it was so exciting for him to sound out a word! And did you know a diamond shape is no longer a diamond, it's a rhombus. That's what the teacher told us the new math curriculum calls for.

Speaking of school, last Friday I volunteered in his classroom and had so much fun! It was neat to see what they actually do...when I got there they were dancing on the carpet while some kids were finishing up making birthday cards for the teaching assistant. Then they went back to the desks and did some exercises to a letter sounds song. No wonder he has been sleeping so well!

Gavin has been so hungry lately and eats all the time. I swear he gets taller every day. For those buying clothes for Christmas, he's in a size 7 shirt and a 6 pant. Size 13 or 1 in shoes.

Crawling, pulling up on everything, and starting to tentatively cruise. He is one crazy boy, and he is into everything. Babyproofing was invented for this child, I'm telling you. He has also been eating a ton of food and is growing like a champ...around 23 pounds now and 12 month clothes are getting short. So if anyone is buying clothes, we'll be in 18 month size soon.

He started doing "so big" and is shaking his head no, he'll do it when I tell him no, and also in our bedroom there is an extra cable outlet on the wall that we always tell him no when we tries to touch it. So now he'll crawl over and look at it and start shaking his head no himself!

The other day we think he said "ball" - his main sounds right now are still baba and mama but we were playing with balls the other day and saying the words and he said "ba" a little more definitively repeating after us, so I think he's starting to understand that words mean things. He also says "baba" for bottle, but all his different ba sounds are a little different depending on what he means!

Sam sees his brother and Dad roughouse and wrestle, so he thinks all interaction should be hitting, pulling hair and grabbing. We are working on "nice touch". He's definitely a go-getter and not afraid to go after what he wants. His ears don't seem to be bothering him and he's sleeping better although his cough/congestion is still hanging on (as is mom's). And he's still super duper cute with those big blue eyes.

One of these days I will get pictures taken to prove it!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a lot to be thankful for, I know I do.

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