Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tubes Nov 19th - Update

Tuesday morning we went and saw the ENT. Sam decided to start the day off exciting, when we were in the waiting room I saw that his light blue pants were all wet.

And yellowish brown. S***! Literally.

Only two days into his antibiotic and already this kind of a mess. I took him to to the changing room - a dad holding the door for me and giving me a sympathetic look, saying "that happened to us this morning".

It was so bad I just threw away his clothes. Which bummed me out because the pants were part of a cute outfit - but they were 9 month size and he was getting close to outgrowing them anyway. SO gross! Fortunately I stayed clean, and had been smart enough to just wear a t-shirt and had a shirt in the car to change into after I dropped him off at day care.

So back in the office, we had a hearing screen done. Not sure of the details, but his hearing is fine, not great, not bad. His right ear drum is not moving as much as it should, but that is more than likely due to the constant fluid in that ear, as well as the current infection.

The doctor said it was a no-brainer for tubes. I guess September is pretty early in the cold season to be getting such a serious ear infection as he had, add in how hard it was to treat, and the quick recurrence and the decision was pretty easy. She said had we come to her in May it would be a different story. Oh and let's not forget the family history and Gavin's record ear infections.

So we're scheduled the 19th. I'm a little nervous - even though we went through it before with Gavin, Sam has never been under anesthesia or had any kind of procedure. I know they do tubes all the time...but still.

I had the day off anyway, but the bummer is I had to cancel the kids flu shots since they were scheduled that morning, and he won't be out in time to get there. The office isn't scheduling any more flu shots at this time, so I'm back to calling every morning to try to get an appt as soon as they do start scheduling again. (I have some strong opinions on how this whole flu shot business is being run, but I save it for another time).

We see his pediatrician tomorrow for a physical to make sure his heart and lungs are in good shape before the surgery. We'll also see if the medicine has made any progress on his ear infection. I doubt it since this med didn't work last time, and while I hate for him to get shots, I hate what the oral antibiotic does to him. It would be one thing if it worked, but if it doesn't, then it's a lot of extra laundry and thrown out clothes for nothing. I'm not optimistic as he is still having really bad nights, horrible coughing/crying spells.


Trish said...

Ours is rescheduled for the 18th. Praying this fixes both of our little ones!

Uncle Chris said...

Poor guy! Feel better Sam!