Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh Sammy!

Sam's cough has progressively gotten worse this week. Last night it culminated in him coughing til he threw up a couple times. So today we had an appt scheduled for a pre-op check up, and his lungs sounded ok (which is good or we would have had to cancel the tubes). He got a steroid shot to help with the inflammation of his airway, and we have meds for our nebulizer in case he needs it. Hopefully he will be on the mend soon! The antibiotcs have done nothing to clear the ear infection, but when they do the tubes, they will suck out all the yuck.

I'm ready for this sick period to be over!

In other Sam news, he is quite the little monster at day care - but good at home. Apparently when they tell him "no" he'll throw a fit and try to start banging his head on the floor. So then Brenda will pick him up to keep him from hurting himself. Today to retaliate, he grabbed her hand and bit her. Not a "my teeth hurt" bite, but a "I'm mad at you" bite. Gavin was never a biter, and Brenda said they don't really have any in the room right now. He's definitely one strong-willed boy, and I think he is going to give his brother a run for his money.

Oh Sammy!

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