Thursday, November 19, 2009


Please think happy thoughts that tubes go well....we have to arrive at 6:30, and surgery is at 7:30. I'm a little worried about anesthesia - even though our Dr. said his lungs weren't sick, he's had more cough-til-you-puke episodes the last two nights. I'm going to try to give him a neb treatment while he's sleeping to see if that helps.

He's such a happy kid, I can't imagine how much happier he will be when he finally feels good. We KNOW he's had an ear infection for going on three weeks now - and he's not sleeping well, but during the day he's as happy as can be.

*update - We are home - we had a little added excitement due to Sam's severe congestion, the anesthesia caused fluid to build up rather quickly in his lungs so he was coughing really hard throughout the procedure. Thank goodness it was such a quick one! He got a neb treatment before he saw us and the fluid was clearing nicely while we were in recovery. He even got treated to full strength apple juice - they didn't want him to have milk until some of his secretions cleared - milk tends to make that worse. He also got one huge nasty antibiotic shot that was thick with a super long needle and took about 30 seconds to push in. That made him very upset but hopefully will kick this sinus infection once and for all. Our doctor was great and we go back in a few weeks to see how things look. She sucked out a lot of gunk out of his nose and his right ear was also holding a lot of nasty infection - she said "he REALLY needed those tubes". He's sound asleep now and we're hoping he feels better soon and Mom can start getting some sleep and stop being a total zombie at work.

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Trish said...

Glad it went okay. Blech to the infection and fluid.. hope thinks are much less yicky from here on out!