Monday, January 18, 2010

And then I heard a *pop*

Last Friday I dropped Gavin off at school like I do most mornings. It was Friday, I was running late (again) - not late for work late, but not-getting-there-early-therefore-not-leaving-early late. You know.

Gavin was great getting ready to go - some mornings are better than others, and this was a great one.

I signed him in, gave him a couple hugs and kisses, said "Have a good day buddy" and turned to leave.

I glanced back and he was standing there with the sweetest smile on his face. And very softly he said "And you have a good day too."

And that's when it popped. My heart, spilling love and joy all over my body.

I'm a seriously lucky mommy.

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Trish said...

::crying:: What a sweet, sweet boy!