Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reflux, our foe

Sam is back on his reflux meds. He was not sleeping well at all at night, up every hour or so. It finally occurred to me that this could be the problem, and he's been doing better the couple days he's been back on them. My goal is to get him sleeping in his crib this year, but I need to make sure he can sleep a decent stretch at a time before I attempt it.

Yesterday at day care he took two unassisted steps! He is also getting very proficient with the sippy cup and straw cup.

Gavin is getting back in the swing of things at school, but he misses his teacher. She is out on maternity leave until the middle of March.

Gavin's ski's (that I bought on eBay) came in the mail yesterday! Now I just need to get boots and the bindings adjusted and we will be good to go on our ski adventure.

I am taking Gavin to Monster Jam this weekend. I think that's all our news!

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