Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

No, this post has nothing to do with showers, but I do feel like a broken record when I say Sam has another ear infection and upper respiratory infection. The congestion is so bad he is gagging on it and can't eat solids without choking. Last night he threw up three times from coughing so hard - well, it actually wasn't that hard. It seems that due to his reflux his gag reflex is pretty sensitive and it doesn't take much to make it spasm and send it's contents flying. Gross. I changed pj's (mine) three times last night. And just when he was starting to sleep better too!

I know it will get better. I know Gavin was way more sick than this. I guess I just got used to him (G) being so healthy lately I forgot about the constantly sick first winter.

The Dr. prescribed ear drops and told me to try Benadryl for the congestion - even though it's not technically recommended for 1 yr olds, we're just giving him a small amount in the hopes of drying him out. If we don't see improvement in a couple days I can call back for a prescription for an antibiotic, but we're worried about him getting a resistance since he's been on quite a few in a short span of time and we've had a hard time finding ones that work as it is.

His ears must really hurt because this morning I was trying to peek in and see how much the tubes were draining and he looked at me, slapped his hands over his ears, and shook his head at me. It was so cute! But so sad at the same time that he hurt enough to not want anyone messing with him. Other sad but cute things he's doing lately - letting me know when he wants his teething tablets for his teeth (two stubborn ones on top trying to break through), and he's been handing me the ear thermometer and then putting it up against his ear. I think he likes the sound of the beep it makes.


abby said...

I'm so sorry about Sam and the ear infections, reflux, vomiting, the whole gamut. We remember those days all too well (and Hallie still has increased vomiting and reflux when she gets sick). We ended up getting Hallie ear tubes (we were going in for surgery anyway; I'm not sure what we would have done had that been the only thing we needed to take care of) and that helped. Getting the reflux under control REALLY helped. And finishing up with the teething thing also really helped (seemed to make congestion and reflux worse). So you guys really have a triple (perhaps more) whammy. I wish I could help more but you have our emotional support, at least!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sam is suffering. But in the tough moments, remember how lucky you are. I met with a client yesterday who has a 46-year-old handicapped son. His stories of how they worked with specialists over the years was so touching I was in awe. This son was not suppposed to live past 10 years old! In addition to his birth defects, he was hurt in a serious auto accident years later that made it impossible for him to hold a job anymore. But to this day his dad is fighting the good fight for him! Your Mom

Bridie said...

Thanks Mom! You KNOW I count my blessings. All the time.

Thanks Abby! Emotional support is good - I don't think we would have figured out Sam's allergy nearly so soon had you not responded to one of my posts when you did. Sam has tubes, otherwise it would be way worse as his first ear infection lasted a month.