Saturday, January 9, 2010


Gavin and I have been talking a bit about Colorado and skiing there. Friday morning we had this discussion:

Gavin: Mom, in the summer, do they color there?
Mom: Where?
Gavin: In Colorado, do they color?
Mom: What? (we always have these discussions in the car, so I usually get confused, not able to give him my full attention)
Gavin: You know, in the summer, do they color.....since it's Colorado
Mom: Why yes, I think they do

I think it was so funny (and smart) that he assumed they color there because of the name, but even smarter that he asked if they do it in the's hard to know all the connections his little brain is firing at the time, but I am guessing that he thought through the fact that it snows there in winter, and people ski there in the winter, so they must just color in the summer.

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