Saturday, January 23, 2010

Long Time, No Post

And even longer without pictures I know! Life just keeps getting crazier and it's hard to keep up!

Sam is doing GREAT dairy free. His rash is gone and he's sleeping better. In fact the last couple nights he only woke up once and he only drank a couple ounces and fell back asleep. I've been giving him almond milk before going to bed, and this weekend I've been trying him solely on almond milk and he hasn't seemed to notice any difference.

He is growing up so fast! I can't believe he will be a year old in five more days! At day care they retired his bottle and he's now just drinking from a sippy cup. At home he still likes his bed time bottle. He can stand on his own for as long as he wants and then carefully lower himself to the ground. He'll take up to five steps and will also venture away from the furniture he is cruising on, even without someone standing with open arms to receive him. He is into everything - cabinets, toilet paper, all that fun stuff.

His language and cognition is also really coming along. The other morning he heard Gavin in the other room and he sat up and said "bubba....bubba....bubba" til I would take him in to see him.

Gavin has dealt pretty well with his erratic schedule due to all the weather related school closings. We've been doing vitamins every day (omega 3, multi-v and calcium gummies, vitamin c tablets, veggie tablets, and a vitamin d drop), and also really been pushing drinking water. It makes a big difference in his temperament. We were pushing water big a couple weeks ago, then let it slide and his behavior got worse. So he picked out a cool 24 oz water bottle at Costco and we keep that in the fridge for him all the time and that's what he mostly drinks when he's at home now.

Gavin went to basketball camp yesterday through community ed - it's just 3 Saturdays, one hour sessions. I couldn't see much of it as I had to let Sam crawl/walk the hallways so he wouldn't dart out among the 40 Kindergartners (and 40 flying balls!). He seemed to be doing pretty well and last night he told me "I got a hoop!".

I volunteered in his classroom on Friday which is always fun. He has officially mastered recognizing 1 - 20 and being able to sequence them. We also worked on sight words and he is doing really well on those too! He's one of a group of 7 kids that get a little extra 1 on 1 time with a parent volunteer - it's nice to know that they recognize the kids that need the extra attention, and of these 7 he's definitely doing better than most of them. I can handle that as long as he's not the worst or super behind (and if he was we would deal with it but it helps my anxiety that he's not that far behind!). I do need to see if I can find some flashcards to work on more sight words, although the ones he didn't get, none of them got so they may not have even started working on those in class yet.

That's about it in our world. I will get some pictures up. Soon I promise!

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