Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sam, our littlest Monster

Sam is a little monster! He just laughs and laughs when he is told no, not a care in the world. We're having trouble keeping his hands off the cable box and dvd player on the shelf under our TV.

He's also still not sleeping great, waking up a lot. Also showing signs of nasty reflux despite his meds, hiccups, coughing, etc. I'm trying to hold out til his 1 yr (1 yr - gasp!) appt to address it with his Doctor.

He also may be walking by his birthday! At day care this week he started taking a few steps. Today at home I was able to get him standing on his own and take a few steps to me. More often than not he's pretty unstable still, but every once in a while he catches his balance and can walk a few solid steps. I can't believe my baby is a soon-to-be toddler!

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